Fruits - Kiwi

The "magic" source of vitamin C!



Green, with a distinctive and usually sour taste, the kiwifruit has been gaining more and more ground in recent years.

The most common kiwifruit variety is "Hayward" and has green flesh. The development of kiwi cultivation is mostly based on this variety.

In particular, Hayward kiwifruit are known for large fruit size, high productivity and the
ability to be preserved for a long time.


Where is kiwi grown?

Nowadays, Italy, New Zealand, Chile, France, Japan and the USA are the dominant producers of kiwifruit.

The position of Greek production rises higher and higher in the world market year after year. Kiwi planting takes place in spring and they are harvested in the middle of October.


What is the nutritional value of kiwi?

Kiwi is an extremely nutritious fruit. It is an important source of vitamin C, containing in
the same amount, a greater amount of vitamin C compared to an orange. In addition, it
contains vitamin K, as well as copper, vitamin E, potassium, folic acid and magnesium.

Nutritional value of kiwi per 100g

Calories 58 Kcal

Protein 1.06g

Fat 0.44g

Carbohydrates 14 g

Vegetable Fibers 3gr

Water 83.9%


Nutritional value of kiwi per 100g

Vitamin C 74.5mg

Vitamin B1 0.03mg

Vitamin B2 0.03mg

Vitamin A 4 µg

Vitamin K 40.3μg

Vitamin E 1.3mg



Phosphorus 34mg

Sodium 5mg

Calcium 35mg

Iron 0.24mg

Potassium 198mg

Copper 0.13mg

Magnesium 16mg